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Serving Commercial, Residential and Large Industry

Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets

  • Kidde Badger Advantage - Multi-Purpose (ABC) Dry Chemical Portable Extinguisher

    Handheld portable fire extinguishers that are appropriate for common combustibles, flammable liquids and electrical equipment

  • Kidde Badger Extra - Class K Kitchen Portable Extinguisher

    The most preferred portable fire extinguisher for commercial kitchens

  • Kidde Badger Extra - High Flow Fire Extinguishers

    The smart choice for addressing real world fire situations found in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Badger Extra - Water Portable Extinguisher

    The Badger Extra Water Portable Fire Extinguisher is ideal for Class A fires involving common combustibles such as trash, fabrics, wood and paper.

  • Badger Standard - Multi-Purpose (ABC) Dry Chemical Portable Extinguisher

    Versatile fire extinguishers at a competitive price.

  • Badger Extra - Carbon Dioxide Portable Extinguishers

    Versatile fire extinguishers that are ready to tackle flammable liquid and electrical fire hazards

  • Badger Extra - Halotron 1 Portable Extinguisher

    A multi-purpose clean agent portable fire extinguisher recommended for use in commercial and industrial applications.

  • Badger Extra - Multi-Purpose (ABC) Dry Chemical Portable Extinghuisher

    The ideal portable fire extinguisher to tackle the majority of fire risks typically found in commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

  • Badger MRI Non-Magnetic Carbon Dioxide Portable Extinguisher

    Safe fire protection for equipment within magnetic resonance imaging system environments.